Who Gives A Hoot?

Here is a cute owl card that I made for Emma.  My mom ended up liking it so much she asked me to make several for her to give out to coworkers and friends.  That was a nice project.  Here are them all finished.  Aren't they cute all lined up?  They are all hand cut and finished.  I like the wings.

Emma Grace

Emma is growing up so fast and is getting so busy.  She started 6th grade and now she has begun Band and is running on the Cross Country team.  She goes to school at 7:30 in the morning and doesn't get home until 6:00 at night.  Sometimes she has track meets, too.  Then she empties the dishwasher and we eat dinner so by that time it is time for homework and bed. 
This is a picture of her at the listener appreciation concert this summer with the radio stations in Boise.  She had a great time, and we had fun together.  She is getting a little older and it is getting fun to spend time together.  We miss so much time when I am at work and when I am unhealthy.
I have set a goal to lose 135 lbs before she is 15.  I don't want her to be embarrased of me when she is a teenager, and I want to hang out with Owen and play sports with him.  This is a huge commitment and it is scary to think of the work it will take.  What else may change if I lose a third of my body weight?  What types of things in my life would be different I wonder...

Worst Day

Today was the day that we did not want to wake up to.  To begin with, it is the first day since Steve began his new job that the kids and I and Steve all were going in different directions.  We attempted to prepare but I have not yet read this chapter in the worst case scenario handbook.  First, Steve called me to let me know that he had received notification from Owen's school and Owen has had several instances of bad behavior today.  He fell into another child which resulted in a head bashing into concrete, same thing with a drinking fountain, and then just all around horse-play later in the day.  This does not make for happy dad.  When I called to have my mom talk with Owen, I found that I had miscommunicated about pick up times and Steve did not pick Owen up from the neighbors house.  I found out that the rent check I wrote yesterday, thinking it would clear tomorrow, went through today and was returned.  Then, Steve got home and the power was turned off, saying we owed over $600.00.  We ended up going all night with no power because their systems were down.  Emma was not where she was supposed to be when Steve went to pick her up, and all the phones died with no power.  Whew...glad that one is over.

Pinterest Interest

I have been working on actually completing some Pinterest projects rather than just pinning them.  Here is a weekly menu board that I made for the kitchen to keep track of our weekly meals.  It isn't quite finished yet, I need to add two more tabs, but I think it is cute.  In the bottom box, there are tabs with several different meals to choose for each day of the week.  After we have them, we place the card in the top box.  This ensures we get variety and everyone gets their favorites.  It turned out really cute.

Here is Owen eating a recipe for Hazelnut Shortbread with Marscapone Frosting.  I put fresh peach slices on top- Yummy!

Secret Garden


I like to spend my own time doing my own things and here is where I do it.  I get a lot of ideas from pinterest for crafts and projects.  Sometimes I just need to relax and make something.  I love the fact that I have my own space.  I like the windows and the light. 

His & Hers

We purchased his and hers Cimarron 1911 .45 ACP handguns for my birthday this year.  This was a turning point and we enjoy spending the time together going target shooting.  I am still practicing but I can be a pretty good shot.
Here is the ring I really want after researching all the designs and consulting with Jim Haffey, our designer here in Redmond.  It is a Bezel setting for the main stone and then I would like 3 channel set diamonds on each side of that, for a total of 6 side diamonds at 2mm or .1 carat each. 
What I'm thankful for today is my happy family.  I love it when they smile and laugh, especially when I am not looking, when I hear them from the other room making each other happy.  I am also thankful for the fun I have every day laughing- thank you to anyone who has laughed with me because it is much more fun to share a laugh.